Neiheisel plumbing was founded in September of 1975 by Jerry Neiheisel. Jerry started the company out of his house in Edgewood, KY, with the help from his wife Jeannie. In 1977 Jerry hired his first employee, his brother Steve. Who still helps out around the shop today.

In 1988 Neiheisel plumbing bought a little gas station in Latonia, KY to call the shop, allowing Jerry for the first time 13 years to use his garage for parking cars. In 2002, with the thought of retirement someday for Jerry, Neiheisel plumbing adds a little over a 2700 foot addition to the original gas station to allow for office and shop space. In February of 2003 Neiheisel plumbing was relocated to Latonia, KY.  Neiheisel Plumbing moved to a new building in Erlanger, KY in 2013.

Neiheisel plumbing was divided up into equal shares to Jerry Neiheisel, David Tretter, and Pam Carothers in 2005. We are still offering a friendly service that is committed to their customer, the way the company was started..